Elements and Principles of Design: Whimsical Compositions (Junior, ages 7-9) 

Overall Goal and Learning Skills:
This course emphasizes the concept of essential elements of design in drawing, painting and mixed-media techniques. Students will enhance their understanding of line, shape, movement, pattern, colour and texture. They will create four artworks based on various drawing and painting techniques. Students will also explore variety of styles in selected examples of famous paintings and drawings presented through power-point. Course ends with an art-show.

MATERIALS: Drawing paper, sharpies (black), markers, colour pencils, chalk pastels, watercolour paint, watercolour paper, acrylic paint, brushes, canvas 20”x 24”, containers for water,plastic plates for paints, power-point projector.

Ocean Commotion: Shapes, Colours and Textures of the Ocean (Intermediate: ages 10-13)

Overall Goal and Learning Skills:
Throughout entire course students will focus on organic shapes of the ocean and natural objects found on the beach. They will gain knowledge of the expressive palette knife technique, acrylic paint and colour blending. They will extend their understanding of elements and principles of design such as texture, pattern, balance and composition; and they will learn how to enjoy freedom of spontaneous experimentation with the painting techniques. Students will create original paintings and sculptures based on organic shapes of the ocean such as sea stars, shells, corals and drift wood. Selected examples of famous artists and their works are important part of this program. Course will end with an art show.

MATERIALS: Acrylic paint, pallet knives, brushes (various sizes for acrylic paint),canvas (20”x 24”), drift wood for hanging sculptures (3-4 pieces/student)drawing paper, colour pencils, markers, sharpies (black), organic shapes of theocean (for visual examples), power-point projector

Beata O'Connell



Regular Art Sessions will begin in the Fall 2017. Cost is $200 per student. Below are samples of programs. All materials are included in this cost. 

Register for Art Classes online by filling out this form. We will contact you for payment and with Registration information. All art sessions will take place in Virgil, Niagara on the Lake. For private lessons or portfolio building please contact directly by filling out this form or calling 905.484.1027